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Is God showing off?…

…is a question some have on their minds.

What is the meaning of this question even, you might be wondering. Consider the Gita. Everywhere in the wonderful scripture, the Lord talks of his own greatness.

How He is the greatest amongst all Creation. How He is the thread underlying all manifestation. How He knows past, present and future, and everyone and everything, but none know him. How He is the best of the best (vibhuti) of all that we see around us. And on and on.

When this same Lord says that giving up our ego is the most important thing in spirituality, is it that he is showing off about His own abilities? Absolutely not, and here’s 2 key reasons why:

1. He is indeed the true Creator, Sustainer, Destroyer of life and everything around us. We weren’t there for even a fraction of a second, if we look at things from His time frame. If He doesn’t tell us the truth about His nature, then who will?

2. The second point is critical, because there is ego and showing off only if one keeps something to themselves, for selfish reasons. The Lord though has been shouting hoarse to Arjuna that deep down, there is no difference between anyone, i.e. Atman = Paramatman!

LHS = RHS, Hence proved!

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  1. Maheshji , you have captured the audience by these two classic highlights of the scriptures which is nothing but the truth , leaving no options otherwise, Charansparsh Maheshji for your noble renditions always , Jai Sri Krishna ?

    • Jsk Vilasini ji, appreciate your taking the time to read and comment here, thank you very much! ???

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