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Newspaper realities

Here’s what I came across while glancing through today’s newspaper:

  • Flying chunks from a construction site hit two bystanders, a mother and son, and kills both instantly
  • A truck full of soldiers falls into a deep ravine and they all die
  • A father is killed by his sons because of an alleged affair, and they burn his body in his own furnace where he used to make snacks
  • An actress commits suicide because a co-actor threatened her
  • A 3 year old died when he fell 5 floors as he was trying to climb a staircase where a glass safety panel was missing
  • 8 temple pilgrims die in car mishap

I did not even have to look past the first 2 pages for the paper for this. If you are reading this and have not faced something so gruesome, then you have the protection of your Guru and the Lord. All we can do is to smile and bask in that good fortune and dedicate our lives to Both of Them.

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