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Who am I

Saraswati herself, the Hindu goddess of knowledge, claimed to know less than a fistful of all there is to, about Creation.

As human beings though, we prefer to think we know a lot. Often enough to shun all guidance. In reality, we are constantly learning from others. From a boss, from an employee, from a family member, from a friend, from a teacher.

But these learnings are mostly limited to materialism. How to set goals. How to get a better job. How to make more money – Spend more time with the family – learn a language – maybe a musical instrument. The list is long.

However, how much effort have we put in to learn about the ‘real’ us?

Let us take an example. This is my house. And ‘house’ is different from ‘me’. Therefore, ‘my’ ‘house’.

Likewise, my car and my clothes. But also my body, my mouth and my brain.

So who is this ‘my’, who is asking all these questions? We must introspect.

It is said that if you know the real you, then you know all of Creation itself.

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