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King of the world

Our beloved mother earth is rotating on its axis at an gut-wrenching speed of 1,656 km/h. Not just rotating, but at an angle too! With some of us on the sides, some at the top and some at the bottom. Try going 1/10th of that speed, in a merry-go-round – without feeling the gut wrench!

The earth is also moving at a ridiculous speed of 129,600 km/h around the sun. The sun itself (and the solar system) orbits the milky way galaxy at a mind-boggling speed of 828,000 km/h.

But we never feel an iota of this mad rush of the heavenly bodies towards who-knows-where.

Science can explain a lot of these phenomena, but we have no idea about why they happen this way in the first place.

Even at the speed of light, it would take us a 100,000 years to cross over the milky way. And some estimates peg the number of galaxies in our universe to be around 2 trillion. And then apparently there are other universes…

Even to the person with the largest and most inflated ego, these observable facts would lucidly remind them how little control really rests in their hands.

From birth unto death, we don’t spare a single chance to impress our superiority over others. Ironic, that we have created nothing here, but behave as owners.

Yet the true Creator doesn’t boast or gloat, never once even making an appearance. Something to learn perhaps.

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