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Map of Life

“Vedic Astrology! You believe in that nonsense? I thought you were educated!”

Quite a common reaction, to say the least. But there are so many outstanding nuances to this science.

Here’s one I really like: We need not look at the planets as some far off celestial bodies. Rather we can view the planets as embedded deep within us. Each planet represents certain facets of our personalities.

  1. Saturn – a much maligned planet, represents our traditional side and capacity to work hard
  2. Rahu – a node from the Moon, has only a head (and eyes therefore), is linked to obsession, materialism
  3. Ketu – the other Moon node, has no head, but only tail – hence untouched by the senses, deeply spiritual
  4. Mars – shows our inner aggression, impatience, courage, willpower and passion
  5. Sun – represents authority and statesmanship
  6. Moon – our sweet, motherly, emotional side
  7. Jupiter – our inner wisdom, intuition, intellect and guidance
  8. Venus – the creativity engine, shows our excitement, pleasure and luxuries
  9. Mercury – the analytical abilities, learning, communication skills

We all have each of these planets within us, in various combinations, at various times.

Astrology provides insights into what periods of time are likely to be most conducive for which planets. As an example, if one’s Mars is very strong, then maybe s/he should keep themselves in check at work, rather than vent out to the boss in frustration – which could lead to unwanted outcomes.

This can help, very similar to how Google Maps helps us reach our destinations. The end point is known of course, but we can get there either through an hour of traffic or by avoiding it.

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