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Rub it in

Contrary to expectations, animals do not always crave food from us, although they would certainly like it if we brought some along!

There’s a kitty in the area where I live. I’d taken some milk with me today when I went down. The cat was half asleep as most cats always are (apparently some sleep up to 18 hours a day!).

He didn’t seem to care that I’d got him some food. He looked up for a bit, then yawned and stretched and went back to sleep. I tried making some sounds, some hand claps, some fake (and ridiculous sounding) “meow”s. Nothing. No interest at all today.

What he does love though, is for me to sit on the parapet, and then to perch himself on my leg so that he can enjoy a good long neck rub. And because a picture is a worth a 1000 words, the image up top is him caught in the act šŸ™‚

The moment I sat down today, his ears perked up, his head turned in my direction, he did a super quick stretch, and he was next to me in under three seconds. I wonder where his sleep vanished!

People are no different. We try to impress others with our money, our possessions, our skills, our diction, our knowledge, our credentials and many many other things. But the only thing we need, to truly win them over, is our love and affection. If we treat others with love, then it doesn’t matter if we are poor or dumb – people will flock to us.

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