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Pulling the punches

Came across the story of a girl called Evie today. At age 11, she was a gymnastics champion. She represented Britain and also participated in the Olympics torch relay in 2012. Sounds nice and dandy?

It was all going well, until one day she fell and dislocated her elbow. While that might seem like a simple enough injury, it led to her being paralyzed for several months. After that, she started suffering from seizures and tics.

Fast forward to today. Her brain is perfectly fine. Her hands and legs are perfectly fine too. But the connection between them? Not so much.

When she’s cooking and using the rolling pin, instead of rolling the dough, she finds her hands suddenly pick the rolling pin and hit her own head. When she’s using her hands for picking something up, she suddenly finds her hands punch her in the face. The impact of these hits is obviously extremely painful. She has a YouTube channel today to raise awareness about her condition, where she describes some of her episodes to be as painful as “a lightning current going through the body”.

While what happened to her is unfortunate and unexpected, what about what is happening to our bodies? We mostly treat it like a dustbin, stuffing in all sorts of garbage and processed food and giving it little to no exercise. We take our bodies for granted, because of how well it has been working thus far and servicing us, day in and day out. What happened to Evie is rare, but that is not reason for us to become complacent and abuse the gift of life that we have each been given. There is no basis for spirituality, goodness, kindness, money, fame, wealth or status if the body is debilitated.

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