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Why gratitude helps

We are always thinking about ourselves. Always. Maybe about how we move to the next rung in the career ladder. Or how we can diversify our income sources. Maybe how / when to find a partner. Or how to raise kids. Maybe how to make that important presentation at work this week. Or what to cook for today, tomorrow, day after. Maybe what the neighbours might say about what we might say to them. Or what our extended family might comment about our buying a new car. Or where we should plan a trip to in the coming festive season. Maybe about how I’m wasting time thinking about all these things, when I can better spend this time reading a book. But oh which book should I pick? Will this book help me in my work, and can I talk about it in my social circle? There’s also this party this weekend where I’ll be meeting all these people after so long – what should I wear? Have I become fat with so many days cooped up at home? Maybe no one will notice. But what if they do? And on and on and on it goes…

With so many random thoughts going on in our minds at all times, it is no wonder that we are anxious and stressed easily.

If we are on stage, and the spotlight is on us, can we see anything around us clearly? Not at all. Gratitude helps because it takes the spotlight off of us, and puts it onto someone or something else. It is that simple. And worth it. Next time we feel anxious or worried about something, we just need to thank our stars for what we already have, including our families, friends, employer, opportunities and everything else. We will tangibly notice the anxiety slipping away.

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