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There’s an absolutely beautiful bhajan called Achyutam Keshavam on Lord Krishna. It’s beauty lies not just in its melody, but primarily in the simplicity and depth of its lyrics. It’s in simple Hindi, but a quick translation of the 4 key paras follows:

  1. Who says God doesn’t come? Have you tried calling Him like Meera (one of His foremost devotees) did?
  2. Who says God doesn’t eat the food we offer Him? Did you offer food with the same love as did his devotee Shabari?
  3. Who says God doesn’t sleep? Did you put him to sleep with the same affection as Mother Yashoda (i.e. Lord Krishna’s mom)
  4. Who says God doesn’t dance? Did you try making him dance like the gopis (Krishna’s fellow cowherds) who loved Him so dearly?

Such a sweet and simple bhajan isn’t it? The Lord doesn’t require big material displays, but only a modicum of true affection.

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