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Brahman substitution

Here’s something that keeps coming up.

When people take up spirituality for the first time, they are taught that the soul within each one of us is the same, deep down.

That it’s called Brahman and hence there is no real difference between any of us, in our purest forms.

This is meant to help us be equanimous and impartial in our thoughts and actions in the real world.

But questions arise. “If I’m Brahman, and the tiger is also Brahman, then am I supposed to go and hug the tiger?”

As you can imagine now, there are many variations. Substitute ‘tiger’ with any problem in your life, and it’ll feel like the energy is already being drained out.

The answer? Yes you know the tiger is Brahman. But does the tiger know you are also Brahman?

The first requirement is survival, only then, spiritual.

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