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Instant K

2 cases of instant karma last week. One at the airport, and the other on the flight after that.

At the security check line, one fellow was creating a ruckus. Some folks no matter how educated, just don’t know how to stand in line. He was called out by those in line, but he just shouted at them and cut through to the front towards the security person (the ones that check were carrying no metallic objects). The authorities saw his behaviour, realized he had forgotten to put his waist belt into the machine, despite there being no need to remove the belt there, yet they sent him back, and this time he had to go right to the start of the line!

Inside the flight, another gentleman (not so gentle actually!), fairly old, was shouting at an air hostess because he wanted to keep his oversized bags in the cabin storage above his seat, while there was no space to store those. He could have been polite, but no. He sat down, shouted some more and then suddenly got up, only to bang his head on the low ceiling.

Instant karma served as deserved? Who knows how these things work ??‍♀️

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