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Best of the best

Everyone wants to be the best. That’s what success is supposed to be, isn’t it?

That’s why it’s amazing when we watch parents revel in the joy of their child’s success. They are not directly responsible, but still are present in every moment of that revelry.

But success according to spirituality isn’t about being the best. It’s simply about trying your best.

The achievement is secondary. What matters is that we tried. And with full enthusiasm and vigor.

If success is redefined this way, and linked only to trying our best, imagine what failure would be redefined as! No more linked to the achievement of a goal, but simply a reference of whether we are doing our best within the given circumstances or not.

Even then, if we work with prasaddha-buddhi (results received as a blessing and gift from a higher power) and ishvara-arpana-buddhi (results surrendered to a higher power), success and failure become one and the same.

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