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Deathly dollhouse

In the recently released Hollywood movie called Barbie, there’s some interesting dialogues.

Of course Barbies always have fun and every day is perfect.

Just like the perfect world imagined by the minds of so many little girls who love their dolls.

However, one day, Barbie faces an existential question.

She begins to think about death, and that too, while shaking a leg at a party.

“Have you other dolls ever thought about dying?”

And suddenly there’s pin drop silence. Clearly this is a no-no on Barbie-land.

So Barbie quickly covers up, “I meant, I’m just dying to dance…”, and the party resumes like it never even stopped!

Funny stuff, but in the real world, we know all too well, that it is the thought of mortality that truly awakens one’s spirituality.

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