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Ego trippin’

Can (pseudo) spirituality manifest in untoward ways?

  1. Social Media Showcase: Some individuals attend meditation retreats primarily to flaunt their spirituality on social media, seeking validation instead of inner growth. By posting photos of themselves meditating, they prioritize external validation over genuine spiritual connection. Their focus shifts from personal development to impressing others, turning their spiritual practice into a disguised ego trip.
  2. Intellectual Ego Boost: Others use spiritual quotes and discussions to appear wise or enlightened in conversations. Rather than embodying humility, they seek admiration and elevate themselves intellectually. Their motivation isn’t genuine spiritual growth but rather to assert superiority over others, feeding their ego through the guise of spirituality.
  3. Manipulative Justification: Some manipulate spiritual teachings to justify selfish actions, distorting spirituality for personal gain. By claiming alignment with spiritual principles while harming others, they prioritize their own interests over compassion and understanding. In doing so, they not only deceive others but also corrupt the essence of genuine spiritual practice.
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