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Forgetful prayer – part 1 of 4

There’s a remarkable incident from Vivekananda’s life that offers profound insight. Picture this: his mother lay gravely ill, nearing the end of her life, and Vivekananda found himself without the means to provide her essential medication or sustenance. The frustration and helplessness he felt must have been overwhelming.

In his distress, he turned to Sri Ramakrishna, seeking solace and guidance. Venting his emotions, he questioned the value of spirituality in the face of his mother’s suffering. Ramakrishna, a devout worshiper of Kali, suggested an unconventional approach: to seek assistance directly from the divine.

Despite initial doubts, Vivekananda entered the shrine. But, remarkably, he forgot to make his plea. This happened not once, but twice, demonstrating the fallibility of even the most earnest intentions in moments of crisis. Ramakrishna’s patient insistence on trying again underscored the importance of perseverance in spiritual practice.

What happened next? Continued tomorrow…

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