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Vana go?

In Sanatana Dharma, there are 4 stages of life progression.

Brahmachari, or student life.

Grihastashram, or family life (as a householder).

Vanaprastha, or going to the forest, relinquishing material life.

And lastly Sanyasa, which is completely giving up everything.

This is a beautiful progression no doubt.

But a billboard ad caught my eye today enroute to work. They were selling apartments in a lovely looking skyrise building.

The name of the building? Vana, of course, from Vanaprastha, but minus the prastha!

What are they offering? That for an insane price, one can buy a princely apartment in that building, with a nice forest-ish appearance (i.e., lots of trees!) and hence leaving no need to go to the forest for vanvaas at all!

Are  we running away from materialism, or towards it?!

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