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Shragaal Gita

So here’s a Gita that I never heard of before, until I chanced upon a thread on X. Encountering this Gita, also known as the Jackal Gita, nestled within the Mahabharata’s Vana Parva, unveils a lesser-known yet profound dialogue between a wise jackal and sage Kashyapa, offering solace and guidance. The wisdom shared includes:

  • Humans are blessed with hands, which jackals and animals don’t have.
  • Even so, animals never contemplate suicide, and do their best with what they have.
  • The jackal explains how running after money won’t help him, a brahmin, become a king. And even a king cannot become a Devata. And a Devata cannot become Indra. And even Indra is dissatisfied!
  • Hence Kashyap muni should embrace being born as a human + brahmin, and do his dharma.
  • The sage then realizes that the jackal is none other than Indra himself in disguise!

This interesting and relatively less known Gita is a gem and enriches one’s understanding of ancient scriptures, offering valuable insights for navigating life’s complexities.

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