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It’s all about the money funny

Here’s some super stuff from the legendary Osho, on money:

  • Money is equated with power and is a common focus for most people.
  • Even those considering spiritual or otherworldly pursuits view their virtues as a form of currency that can “purchase” a better status in the afterlife.
  • Both worldly wealth and spiritual “wealth” are motivated by similar desires for security and a better position, either on earth or in heaven.
  • Money serves as a future security; people accumulate it to feel secure about their future.
  • The preoccupation with money only diminishes when one begins to live fully in the present, stepping away from concerns about the future.
  • Ultimately, money, whether in literal or metaphorical terms, symbolizes power, and this underlying quest for power is pervasive across different realms of thought.
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