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Bookkeeping refers to maintaining one’s books of accounts.

But recently on social media, there’s a bunch of motivators and self(proclaimed)-help Gurus that does another type of bookkeeping. Which is keeping their books front and center for everyone to see and advocating reading books like there’s no tomorrow.

“I read a book a week”, says one. And a peer comments instantly, “I read two!”

“I’ve read 120 books this year!”, says another, while yet another claims to have read 2500 books in his lifetime. Phew.

It might seem like there’s no place for success in our lives unless we read 1000s of books.

If someone’s really read a 1000+ books, then they should have read about humility somewhere you’d think?

As my Guru always says, it doesn’t matter how many books you read, if you don’t implement anything from them to bring a positive change to the lives of those around us.

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