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Desire Management 404

While desire management could be an endless course offered in any Ivy League university, we’ll leave it at 404 this time around.

404 is the famous error we see when we type a URL in our browsers but find out that the page doesn’t exist.

So desire management 404, in a similar vein, points to a state where desires cease to exist. It’s the ultimate goal in taking care of desires, because the link between our desires and the purported happiness they bring is completely severed.

But in order to get there, apart from 101, 202 and 303, we can also consider converting our desires to preferences.

No tea? No worries, coffee will do. No coffee, okay then some milk please. No milk? Then some hot water is fine too. When desires are only preferences, they will never transform into anger or greed.

All the best to us. , with managing our desires!

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