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Transformative living – part 4

Shivani Didi shared another profound insight about the importance of determination. She recounted the story of a mother who refused to accept a negative prognosis for her child. Despite medical advice, she nurtured her child with unwavering positive thoughts and actions.

This mother’s dedication exemplifies how present karma can override past negativity. Her child’s eventual success as an international athlete underscores the transformative power of consistent positive thinking.

Additionally, Shivani Didi emphasized the power of creating a thought and holding onto it. This practice, known as “Sankalp se Siddhi,” means realization through resolution. By firmly believing in our goals, we can manifest them into reality.

The key takeaway is to focus on what we want to see in our lives. Visualize our success and affirm our goals as if they have already happened. This shift in mindset, combined with persistent positive actions, can lead to remarkable transformations in our lives.

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