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Dotted lines

Many of us push the thought of death far into the future, leaving us unprepared. Tim Urban’s “The Tail End” puts this into perspective, showing life visually through dots that represent years, months, weeks, or days.

Urban’s approach uses a sheet of paper dotted with these time markers. Imagine living to 80 years old; even if each dot represents a day, it fits neatly on an A4 sheet. This stark visualization underscores how finite our time truly is.

Seeing our lives represented this way can be eye-opening. Those dots symbolize all the time we have left to do everything we’ve dreamed of—visiting loved ones, mending relationships, and tackling long-delayed projects. It makes the fleeting nature of time all too real.

However, Vedic philosophy reminds us that life is a journey of the soul, transcending the physical. Each dot represents not just time, but opportunities for growth, love, and fulfillment. By embracing our dharma, or purpose, we can transform these moments into meaningful experiences, living with joy and wisdom.

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