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In two varied situations recently, I came across 2 similar people.

The first was in a doctor’s clinic. While I was waiting for my turn, another elderly lady came in helped by her relative.

When she sat down in front of me, I realized that she was fully blind. And yet she had the widest smile on her face, as though everything in the world was just perfect.

The second situation was in a temple. It was super crowded that day, with a heavy dose of jostling and pushing. As I got closer to the sanctum sanctorum, I could see one muscular chap praying fervently. And then in the small crowd ahead of me, that person vanished instantaneously. Whoa, how’s that possible?!

A few seconds later, I saw him crawl past me, the Lord having given him just a torso, no legs, but also a supremely divine smile.

Did these people have a disability? By conventional metrics, most certainly. But this ability of smiling despite the odds stacked against them? If only this ability could be my superpower…

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