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The Life of P.I.

Pseudo Intellectuals.

We all know who they are. They innocuously troll and post their free-for-all opinions on pretty much every single discussion item in public view. Armed with educational degrees from the great University of Twitter and / or the College of Whatsapp, they are on a quest to rule the world from atop their armchair thrones.

We may not like them. But what if we are one of them? Not on social media. But in social life. Or even in home life or work life. How many times have we passed a comment on someone, only to realise we didn’t care to learn the the complete picture?

We are on the path of mental transformation aren’t we? In which case, it is more about our thoughts and less about our words and deeds.

Everyone is wired differently. Different people have different opinions. And they have a right to have them as well.

The problem comes when we want to assert our influence on everyone else. Wanting to encroach on others is not the same as not letting others encroach unto us.

The latter is fine, the former is avoidable. Only then can inner peace prevail.

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