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A tale of two sitys

The Indian ‘thaali’ is a lovely sumptuous meal. Rice and roti (bread) are served on a large plate, inside which smaller cups pack a variety of items. When prepared well, the thaali can be as nutritious as it is diverse.

But there is a catch to this diversity. We cannot pick and choose the items we are served. A thaali by default comes with a set menu of items only.

Life is like a thaali.

Some events leave a sour taste in our mouths, while others can leave us drooling for second servings. The salty and spicy days make way for the sweet finale. And so the cycle continues.

Just like we cannot eat only dessert for all our meals forever, having only (seemingly) positive outcomes in life isn’t ideal either.

Why? Because if we are to learn and grow, we need adversity. Let us learn to embrace it.

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