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Meld and forget

Take all the gold mined in the entire world. Including gold bars, gold coins, gold nuggets, gold jewellery etc. Now melt and meld all of it into a cube. That cube would measure just 20 meters each side.

Take all our life’s worst problems. Including loved one passed away, job lost, got divorced, promotion denied, pet died, real-estate investment gone bust etc. etc. etc. All of these will fit into less than one calendar month of 20 days.

But in a life of 100 years or 36,500 days, we replay these 20 problem days over and over and over – so much so that all 36,500 days become problem days.

The problem is not with the problem days. The problem is in our minds. We must forget the past, and the future, and instead learn to embrace the now.

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