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Successhun – part 1 of 2

It’s funny that the word ‘success’ is a part of the word succession. If you’ve watched the brilliant HBO TV series called Succession, you know that that the two don’t go too well together.

Sure, it looks mighty awesome to be born into a filthy rich family such as Waystar Royco.

But is it easy? Absolutely not. There are always sharks circling the water, waiting to draw blood.

Every family member doubles up as an adversary. The worst words, are not the ones that are spoken, but the ones that aren’t.

There is so much backbiting, so many scheming members, everyone secretly working their own private agenda, even the characters themselves don’t know what they truly stand for. A loose wind blowing towards the direction of a temporary one-up is enough to bring all the scavengers flocking.

It’s unreal that even a billion dollars at that level is considered meaningless, because someone else has more. And trust me, such comparisons aren’t just in the reel world, but in the real one too.

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