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Fata poster

There’s a lovely analogy that is common in the satsang I am fortunate to attend.

The analogy is that of a Hindi movie title called “Fata poster nikla hero”.

Imagine a large movie poster being held upright by someone. And another person is torpedoing into the poster headlong. He crashes through the center of the poster and it appears like he has come out of it. Who comes out of posters usually? The hero of the movie of course! And hence, “fata poster nikla hero”.

But that’s the analogy you ask?

Just like the hero in this torn poster is no hero at all, the same way, in our own self-centered narcissistic lives, we too are no heroes. Arjuna thinks he is going to fight the battle of Kurukshetra, initially eager to vanquish the wrong-doers and elicit revenge. But Lord Krishna reminds him that He has already slayed all those who have sinned.

Big lesson for everyone who worries about the results of the future. Don’t worry, the Real Hero has already taken care of everything!

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