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4 muktis

So apparently there are 4 types of muktis or liberations (never a dull day in spirituality, always something new to learn!).

  1. Salokya Mukti – Residing in the same realm as the deity, contingent on the merits earned through spiritual practices like chanting. This state is temporary, with individuals returning to life’s cycle once merits are exhausted.
  2. Samipya Mukti – Achieving closeness to the deity, akin to a servant-master relationship, leading to enlightenment through divine service.
  3. Swarupya Mukti – Adopting a form similar to the divine, specifically reflecting aspects of the Divine Feminine such as Lalita Tripusundari or Bagalamukhi from the ten Mahavidya pantheon.
  4. Sayujjya Mukti – The ultimate union, merging entirely with Ishwar (God), transcending all distinctions between worshipper and worshipped. This profound state can be achieved in higher states of consciousness accessible through advanced spiritual practices.

These muktis represent stages on the path to spiritual fulfillment and the eventual dissolution into divine oneness.

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