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Waiting prayer

Prayers are a vital link to the divine, at the heart of spiritual devotion across religions, each with its own rituals. We often wait eagerly for answers after praying, but the Divine communicates in unpredictable ways, unlike showing His/Her immediate physical presence in movies like “Oh My God” and “Bruce Almighty.”

  • We seek strength, and instead, maybe rewarded with challenges that make us stronger.
  • We hope for prosperity, and are reminded to use our skills and effort.
  • We ask for courage, and encounter situations that reveal our deepest fears, that can only be overcome by inner strength.
  • We wish for divine love, and find opportunities to help those in distress, serving the divine through our actions.

Patience and awareness are essential. The divine doesn’t make grand gestures like in movies but subtly shows us paths to answer our prayers. We must recognize and seize these opportunities, maintaining our faith.

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