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Dumbest ever AI

AI or Artificial Intelligence is just extraordinary.

Anyone who’s used chatGPT for only a few minutes even, will agree.

Whatever it does, and in the micro/nanoseconds it does it, is simply unfathomable to the human mind.

Just how can it understand anything and everything we prompt, and then create an answer or even an image (video too soon, it seems), and then format it, and send it back, in just the blink of an eye?

Almost impossible we’d have thought 2 years ago, before it was publicly revealed.

But chatGPT creator Sam Altman went on record yesterday to say that “chatGPT will soon be remembered as the dumbest AI ever used by man.”

Holy moly to whatever is coming up next. But importantly, there’s no place for ego in life. Even the best of yesterday is not good enough today. Not in human life, not in AI life.

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