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Aghori stuff

Was watching an interview recently where someone was questioning the beliefs of aghoris.

Like why do they do all the stuff that is generally prohibited in normal life?

Some of the unconventional rituals include dwelling in cremation grounds, smearing ashes on their bodies, using human skulls as utensils, and eating flesh from human corpses. Surely not for the faint of heart.

And there’s many that criticize such true aghoris. And “true” aghoris because there are many frauds too, apparently.

In any case, the interviewee provided an endearing point of view. He said true aghoris are full of karuna, or compassion.

That’s quite a lovely thought, isn’t it? Unless they are overcome by said karuna / compassion for creation as a whole, and are devoid of judgements like “this is good, and that is bad”, how else can they practise such rituals?

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