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Transformative living – part 1

I recently watched a video by Shivani Didi from Brahma Kumaris, and the takeaways were incredibly powerful. This blog post is inspired by her profound insights, which can help us lead more fulfilling lives.

One key lesson is to never live like a victim. Our past karma may influence our current circumstances, but we must remember that our present karma holds much more power. By focusing on positive actions and thoughts today, we can shape a better future.

Imagine life as throwing balls into the universe. What happens when we throw balls at a wall? They bounce back, right? The balls we throw, whether positive or negative, come back to us. If we consistently throw positive balls, we’ll receive positivity in return.

Shivani Didi used a metaphor of setting curd. If we use sour curd from the previous day, today’s curd will also be sour. Instead, we should set fresh, sweet curd by changing our thoughts and actions today.

Continued tomorrow…

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