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Transformative living – part 2

In Shivani Didi’s video, another powerful insight was the concept of karma. Past karma is undoubtedly powerful, but our present karma is exponentially more influential. By consciously choosing positive thoughts and actions, we can override past negativity.

Our thoughts create our reality. Instead of saying, “I wish” or “I hope,” we should affirm, “I already am.” This shift in mindset helps us attract what we desire by believing it has already happened.

The first benefit of throwing positive balls is that all negative balls stop coming back to us. This immediate reduction in negativity paves the way for a more positive and fulfilling life.

As Shivani Didi mentioned, imagine your life as a field where you plant seeds. If you plant seeds of doubt and fear, that’s what will grow. But if you plant seeds of confidence and positivity, you’ll cultivate a garden of success and happiness.

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