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Chanakya Neeti – part 3 of 3

Some more awesome words from Chanakya to close out this 3 part series:

  1. A moneyless man is not poor if he has the knowledge. There is no doubt that brain power is the mightiest power.
  2. Separation from one another should not be turned into a life long sorrow. Give due respect to the law of nature.
  3. Kith and kin get pleased with good food, while the learned ones only require a few good words to be satisfied.
  4. People who are polite and gentle to their near and dear ones, who are compassionate to the deserving, who show no mercy to bad people, who are respectful to scholars, who bravely face the powerful, who display reverence to gurus, parents and spiritual teachers, control the new development.
  5. Mercy and compassion are the mothers of all religions, hence a person having such feelings becomes religious.
  6. A teacher who introduces his pupil to God, leaves an unpayable debt on his disciple.

So amazing isn’t it?

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